CSR Fulfilment

White Labelled CSR Marketing Campaigns

A Safe Choice for Regional Marketing Executives and
CSR Managers

Most corporations by now have a strong push on Corporate & Social Responsibility, to ensure that your commitment to the environment lives beyond the CSR handbook. Many need to show their commitment, but it is tough to create cost-effective campaign infrastructure to track and measure results.

Drive awareness of your company’s commitment to the environment and your community by letting EnviroServe use it’s established infrastructure of drop-off and pick-up locations. Our multi-media and tracking services help you prove ROI for your next campaign.

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CSR Marketing Fulfilment

Inspiration for your next campaign – Big Drop Day

  • School Campaign – We arrange school drop-off days at 30 private schools in the area

  • “Big Drop” days – two days a year where you “white label” a community drop-off day

  • Sponsored “drop boxes” – White label EnviroServe’s conveniently placed locations like gas stations and supermarkets and malls

  • Empower your customer – Give your customer a free international hot-line number to EnviroServe, so we take care of recycling the products they buy from you

  • Trade-in program – EnviroServe collects traded in products within your stores, handles the removal and sends you a cheque for the recycled value. Win for you and your customers!

  • Show the world your commitment – collaborate with our marketing team to create customised programs