Special Waste

Guaranteed Responsible recycling in UAE

A Safe Choice

Special Waste is fast becoming a major issue for premium brand owners in the Middle East, as they need to guarantee your unwanted inventory or seized counterfeits don’t re-enter the market.

For example, this could be last year’s Cinema TV model, or the 2000 fake copies of your expensive handbag seized at customs.

Not only this, but you have a responsibility to ensure that their removal from the market is done in a responsible way for the environment.

Schampoo’s, cosmetics, all types of aerosols, machinery, car parts, marketing display units, furniture – you name it, we will ensure it’s recycled. 

Special Waste

How to get started?

Write to us or call us and let us know where your goods need to be recovered from and what you want us to do with them.

How we deliver your service?

  • EnviroServe’s secure facility is located in Dubai, where the goods can be inspected easily.

  • All our staff are vetted before joining, and undergo regular training and testing to ensure they understand the impact of their valuable work. It says a lot that many of our employees have been with us for over 12 years.

  • You receive a receipt for all goods gathered, and a guarantee that they have been handled according to your wishes and environmental laws.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more details