Toner recycling

Xerox – EnviroServe Toner and Cartridge Collection Program

Program Description.

Xerox Emirates has partnered with Enviroserve for the responsible collection & disposal of only XEROX branded used waste toners & print cartridges from organizations in the UAE. This program is open for companies who have a valid contract with Xerox Emirates in our efforts to encourage businesses to go green & be sustainable

EnviroServe’s recycling process flow

  • Interested organizations agreeing to the terms and conditions to confirm to Xerox Emirates by filling in the attached form and send to for review & approval..

  • Once the request has been approved, Xerox Emirates will raise a quotation and participating organization must confirm with an LPO. Upon receiving the LPO, a Tax Invoice will be issued by .

  • Xerox Emirates will deliver the recycle box and voucher booklet to the participating organization within a week of form/request being approved & delivery note must be signed.

  • Once the recycle box is filled with used toners & cartridges, the participating organization must contact Xerox Emirates on to submit a pick-up request & collections will be arranged within a week.

  • Enviroserve will collect used toners & participating organization must hand over the voucher/s with every collection made. No collections will be made if the voucher is not handed during time of collection.

  • Enviroserve will arrange for e- waste to be responsibly recycled & disposed in compliance with UAE laws.

  • A Green Certificate will be emailed to the customer by Enviroserve within 20 days as proof that the waste were properly disposed of.

Please fill in as many fields as possible in the form below to facilitate delivery of the recycling boxes to your premises.


Company Name *


Telephone Number*

Fax Number

Contact Person


Direct Line


Number of Voucher Booklets

Please enter a value between 0 and 5, (Payment voucher scheme for waste collection) and Read the Terms and Conditions below for more


Emirate *

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Building/Tower *

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This form notifies the Xerox Team to deliver the required number of boxes to the location stated above. There will be no confirmation needed after you hit Submit Form. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms & conditions (provided below) of participating in this programme.

A minimum charge of AED136 per collection will be charged towards the logistics and operational costs & a minimum of 10 voucher collections (AED1360 excluding VAT) must be purchased if you wish to proceed with taking part in this program.

The vouchers are valid for the duration of your Xerox contract. Each collection can take up to 25 – 30 pcs of used Xerox toners and cartridges.

Terms and Conditions for Campaign Participation

  1. The participating organization must have a valid contract with Xerox Emirates & follow the process stated above.
  2. The participating organization must agree to the payment terms & payment must be settled within 30 days of Invoice issued.
  3. Xerox Emirates will not replace any voucher booklets that are lost or stolen and this is nonrefundable.
  4. Each voucher is a perforated document and must be handed over to the Enviroserve collection team as a business record without which no collection will be made.
  5. The participating organization will arrange for gate passes and security clearance if and when needed for box delivery and waste collection within the business premises.