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What do you mean by sustainable living? It simply means sustaining life on this planet.

Sustainable living aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making
positive changes with counteract climate change and other negative environmental
concerns. It can also be described a method of reducing one’s “carbon footprint”.

“Sustainable living” encourages people to minimize their use of Earth’s resources and
reduce damage of human and environmental interactions.

1. Save Energy
Saving energy directly means reduce carbon emissions. There are several ways you can
save energy at home- by switching off lights/fans if not in use, hanging cloths to dry
instead of drier. These days people are also moving solar energy and save a good
amount of energy.

2. Eat less meat
The production of meat is one of the biggest contributes to climate change and pollution
of landscapes and waterways. By eating less of it, you can help to reduce the impact the
meat industry has on the earth.

3. Use reusable products
Single use products, especially plastic ones, tend to end up in the landfills or oceans,
harm to wildlife and the environment. We can easily prevent this by using reusable and
eco-friendly products. It is also easy to carry your own shopping bags than using plastic

4. Go Paperless
While everyone is trying to go digital, we are still using a lot of paper in day-to-day life.
Avoid taking unnecessary bills, ask the shop to email you. Reuse papers in every possible

5. Recycle and Reuse
Make sure you are recycling by putting all your rubbish in the correct bins. Encourage
your apartments to have segregated bins. Reuse products and items as many times as
possible before binning them to reduce waste.

6. Grow your own produce
What do you usually grow in your garden? It is always a good idea to grow your own
fruits and vegetables in your backyard. You can ensure you are not using pesticides that
will contribute to water and air pollution. This will also help to reduce the amount of
fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets.

7. Donate unused items
If you do not use a product or wear a piece of clothing anymore, give it to charity
shop or NGO. Someone you know would make use of it and in return this will also
reduce your waste.

8. Drive less
Using bike or going for a ride is lot easier and healthier options. You can also use
carpool to reach to your destination very easily. Keep your engine off while waiting
for long time and stuck in traffic can help you save energy.

9. Don’t waste food
What do you do with your leftover food? Try to use it in your next meal or create
something else out of it. However, if they go off use them for compost for your

10. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
Some cleaning products contain chemicals that contains toxic ingredients and are
very harmful for environment. By committing to using eco-friendly products, you can
prevent yourself from getting exposed to them and having negative impact on

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