Three easy steps on how to hand in your products
  • 1Enter the type of your equipment and quantity you want to return
  • 2Provide your shipping details.
  • 3Order the collection of your equipment


Enviroserve provides an easy way for consumers to return Apple-branded electronic products and equipment in Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenia, Macedonia, Mauritius, Moldava, Tanzania, Tunisia and Zambia.

  • Provide details about your equipment to be returned.
  • Submit your contact information.
  • Delete all your personal and confidential data stored in your devices to be returned. Enviroserve will not be responsible for any data left in your devices after handing over.
  • Pack your Apple-branded products and equipment as per package shipping instructions.
  • Enviroserve will send you an email within the next business day with confirmation receipt and TNT will contact you for collection time and date.
  • TNT will collect your items at your doorstep.
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