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SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible electronic equipment reuse, repair, and recycling and ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization for the R2 Standard. The Responsible Recycling (R2) standard was developed by SERI for electronics recyclers to demonstrate their commitment to environmentally responsible recycling services for outdated and end-of-life electronic items. R2 certification is the most generally recognised accreditation in the field of modern e-waste disposal since it establishes specific guidelines for recycling companies to follow when donating old/outdated electronics and IT equipment. This certification verifies electronics recycling practices that protect the integrity of businesses & brands while protecting human health. Enviroserve is proud to surpass the strict standards set by SERI and has now successfully achieved the R2v3 Certification.

Choosing an R2 Certified electronics facility allows you to better limit your liabilities and hazards to your company’s confidential data, and reputation. With an R2 Certified recycler, you can be assured that all your risks are handled, and you will never be caught off guard by fines, counterfeit goods, or forgery because your assets ended up in the wrong hands. R2 Certification gives governments, ministries, corporations, and individuals confidence that their e-waste will be responsibly disposed of, without endangering the environment or public health. Confidential information is safely erased, lowering the risk of data theft and counterfeiting. Besides, R2 certification encourages accountability and traceability throughout the recycling process as a serialised certificate of data sanitisation performed on your e-waste is provided. The amount of energy required to manufacture new products is lower and the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is reduced to a great extent.

If your business is facing difficulties managing retired electronics and IT equipment, reach out to Enviroserve today and achieve your business’ sustainable goals while protecting your brand’s reputation. With our R2-compliant electronic recycling services, you can rest assured that your discarded electronic items and devices are gone for good as we uphold the highest standards when handling e-waste and sensitive information. All you have to do is pack up your equipment, and our team will take care of the rest. We strive to make recycling as simple as possible for you!

If you have any requirements, please send an email to


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We all know that paper, glass, plastic, and some other materials can be reprocessed and reused, but do you know that refrigerant gas can also be recycled? Surprisingly, yes! Gas can be reclaimed and recycled, and Enviroserve is the only recycling facility in the UAE that provides innovative gas recovery and reclaim solutions.

It is a commonly-known fact that refrigeration equipment runs on gases such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) – both of which are responsible in the depletion of the stratospheric Ozone layer of the earth and are a major cause of global climatic change. Reports inform that these fluorocarbons have an impact that is several hundred to thousand times greater than that of carbon-dioxide. The gradual thinning of the Ozone layer has been a subject of long and rancorous debate since the late 1970s and had led to the signing of the Montreal Protocol in the year 1987.

Many households, corporate setups continue using the same HVAC equipment that run on refrigerant gas for a longer period of time than usual. Most of these include Icemakers, Chillers, Window AC, Unit AC, Dehumidifiers, Drinking Water Coolers, Vending Machines, Medical Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Storage, Gas Furnaces, Aerosol Spray Cans, Chiller Automobiles, Freezers, and PTACs. Over the course of time, gas that is filled in these appliances and equipment, is contaminated with oil and moisture that eventually decreases its operational efficiency. This further gives rise to lower cooling and higher electricity consumption.
society from hazardous materials.”

People often confuse reclaimed refrigerants with recycled refrigerants. They might sound similar, but their processes are entirely different. Recycling essentially means that the recovered refrigerant has undergone a basic cleaning process and there is no quality assurance in terms of specification or purity. This recycled refrigerant might be potentially harmful if all the contaminants are not fully removed through the recycling process and when used again, they might impact the system’s efficiency. A reclaimed refrigerant is usually re-processed through a more intense process that analyzes the contaminants, filters, and removes them thoroughly, returning the refrigerant to its virgin form.

Enviroserve, being the only refrigerant gas reclaiming facility in the UAE, has a well-equipped in-house testing laboratory- The Recycling Hub -to analyze gases for moisture content, acidity, and particulates. After an in-depth initial analysis, the gas is re-processed through various stages of distillation, cleaning and drying according to AHRI Standard 700-2016 for Refrigerants. This method restores the refrigerants to the industry standards for quality and performance, making it fit for reuse with the same specifications as the virgin product. Enviroserve sells certified R-22, R134a, R-404c, R-410a and other refrigerants that are processed to be environment-friendly and is a cost-effective solution for all household and commercial applications. Using reclaimed refrigerants will eventually decrease the carbon footprint as they will help in reducing the production and supply of pure refrigerants.


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The backbone of every product manufacturing business lies in its brand protection. Due to technological advancements and the birth of specialized mass-production machinery, the rate of consumption has increased manifold. Businesses and industries are resorting to this mass-manufacturing practice as they are desperate to keep up with the market’s supply-demand. Consequently, this rush has led to a buildup of large quantities of these products before they can be sold.

Most of the times, mass-production results in faulty and defected products which are a loss for the business and are dumped straightaway, without a second thought. Consumer goods that have been deemed defective or unsafe need to be removed from market circulation completely so they cannot harm the public or your brand. Safety hazards posed by these faulty products cannot be overlooked. Simply throwing away poses a threat to the brand’s reputation as the discarded goods such as empty shampoo bottles, product samples, sports goods, medical machinery, consumer goods, marketing material, toys, clothes, etc. might end up in the grey market for unauthorized sales. It is extremely essential for a prestigious brand to destroy obsolete merchandise, excess stock, and outdated products securely so that it reduces the serious risk of identity theft and fraud. If any of these branded products end up in the general waste bin, they might be sent to a dumping ground or resold in the black market putting your company or brand at a serious risk of fraud, identity theft and data breaches. Products such as uniforms, ID cards, obsolete work wear, etc. must be destroyed for security reasons as they might be misused to represent a fraud business or impersonate a notable person related to the brand.

Excess stock requires a large amount of storage space, money, and energy for maintenance. A guaranteed, certified product destruction service such as Enviroserve assures that the defected, expired, counterfeited and unusable products will not make their way back to the market. A professional and secure product destruction and shredding service is the only solution to destroy unwanted products and material to protect your brand integrity. The best part about recycling branded products with Enviroserve is that we make sure that the raw materials extracted after collection are recycled and disposed of properly

By recycling with Enviroserve, you are not only eliminating the risk of brand tampering and fraudulent activities but are also reducing landfill costs and improving your impact on the earth. You are securing your brand, reducing financial and reputational losses for your business, and protecting the environment – all at the same time.


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The digital revolution has changed the lifestyle of an average human being momentously. We have
welcomed gadgets and gizmos in all their grandeur. These devices are designed to make our lives
comfortable and simpler, but contradictorily, are creating dire circumstances for our present and future.
The mass manufacture of electronic items and their rapid disposal to stay ‘in vogue’ has led to the need
of an ethical removal of e-waste. The consequence of this spending and consuming habit? An endlessly
growing heap of “digital rubbish” that is hard to manage and dispose of. This e-waste includes working,
non-working and broken electronic items which usually find their way in the regular garbage bin. Not
only this, if an electronic item goes unsold in the store, it is often thrown away in the trash can.
Technological advances are coming at such a breakneck speed that even the ones which are working are
considered redundant and obsolete. This rapid technological advancement, lifestyle changes and end of
intended usage has become one of the biggest challenges encountered on a global level.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that health risks may result from direct contact with toxic
materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, and PCBs that leach from e-waste dumped in our land and
water bodies. The risk is exceptionally high due to the inhalation of the toxic fumes, as well as from the
accumulation of chemicals in soil, water, and food. This puts not just humans but land and sea animals in
danger as well. To protect mankind and the future generations, a befitting recycling process is the need
of the hour. The consumers will keep on ‘upgrading’ their devices, hence, it is important to highlight the
need of recycling the older, outdated models rather than just tossing them away in the bin.

Enviroserve, world’s largest e-waste recycler, is your answer to safe disposal of e-waste such as mobile
phones, home appliances, electronic items, laptops, etc. Certified e-waste recyclers not only dispose this
harmful e-waste responsibly but also refurbish them to make new products. The Green Journal reports
that around 75% of the waste is recyclable, however the uptake is very low. Enviroserve, also known as
the Green Company, has grown to be the largest, fully integrated electronics recycler and IT Asset
Disposition provider in the Middle-East, Africa and the Caucasus region as well as the largest electronics
recycler and processor in the world. With the help of Enviroserve, UAE is reducing the carbon footprint
by smartly collecting, sorting, and re-sorting into valuable raw materials. From clothes and plastics to
hazardous electronic items and refrigerants, Enviroserve ethically disposes your waste to ensure a
greener future.

The 2,28,000 sq. ft. electronic waste recycling facility features Swiss technology that surpasses the
stringent EU standards for e-waste recycling and is the only treatment plant in the region that is
endorsed by Ministry of Environment and certified by UAE Municipalities to confidentially repurpose
electronic waste.

Owing to its diligent efforts to recycle waste, Enviroserve has been awarded with the Dubai Industrial
City Environmental and Sustainability Award for the year 2019, besides several other accolades since
2007. Enviroserve is also assisting residential communities and corporate offices in UAE to properly
dispose of their materials by offering weekly collection of waste from your doorstep through The Green

All you need to do is, join Enviroserve and help in treating recyclables and electronic waste securely.
We’ll do the rest! Why tomorrow? Get in touch with Enviroserve today!


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What do you mean by sustainable living? It simply means sustaining life on this planet.

Sustainable living aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making
positive changes with counteract climate change and other negative environmental
concerns. It can also be described a method of reducing one’s “carbon footprint”.

“Sustainable living” encourages people to minimize their use of Earth’s resources and
reduce damage of human and environmental interactions.

1. Save Energy
Saving energy directly means reduce carbon emissions. There are several ways you can
save energy at home- by switching off lights/fans if not in use, hanging cloths to dry
instead of drier. These days people are also moving solar energy and save a good
amount of energy.

2. Eat less meat
The production of meat is one of the biggest contributes to climate change and pollution
of landscapes and waterways. By eating less of it, you can help to reduce the impact the
meat industry has on the earth.

3. Use reusable products
Single use products, especially plastic ones, tend to end up in the landfills or oceans,
harm to wildlife and the environment. We can easily prevent this by using reusable and
eco-friendly products. It is also easy to carry your own shopping bags than using plastic

4. Go Paperless
While everyone is trying to go digital, we are still using a lot of paper in day-to-day life.
Avoid taking unnecessary bills, ask the shop to email you. Reuse papers in every possible

5. Recycle and Reuse
Make sure you are recycling by putting all your rubbish in the correct bins. Encourage
your apartments to have segregated bins. Reuse products and items as many times as
possible before binning them to reduce waste.

6. Grow your own produce
What do you usually grow in your garden? It is always a good idea to grow your own
fruits and vegetables in your backyard. You can ensure you are not using pesticides that
will contribute to water and air pollution. This will also help to reduce the amount of
fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets.

7. Donate unused items
If you do not use a product or wear a piece of clothing anymore, give it to charity
shop or NGO. Someone you know would make use of it and in return this will also
reduce your waste.

8. Drive less
Using bike or going for a ride is lot easier and healthier options. You can also use
carpool to reach to your destination very easily. Keep your engine off while waiting
for long time and stuck in traffic can help you save energy.

9. Don’t waste food
What do you do with your leftover food? Try to use it in your next meal or create
something else out of it. However, if they go off use them for compost for your

10. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
Some cleaning products contain chemicals that contains toxic ingredients and are
very harmful for environment. By committing to using eco-friendly products, you can
prevent yourself from getting exposed to them and having negative impact on


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If you are not recycling yet, this will help you start from today.
50% of what we throw in the garbage can be recycled through curbside and other types of
collection. An addition to 25% of our thrash is comprised of food waste and other materials that
could be composed.

So why you think it is important to recycling? Will it help in anyway or it will add some more work to
your daily chores? Let us understand recycling in detail:

Recycling conserve resources
When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume
natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh,
raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw
materials and protects natural habitats for the future.

Recycling helps protect the Environment
Recycling has long been considered one of the best ways to make a positive impact on preserving and protecting the environment. Recycling is the reprocessing the rubbish to create new products, and it has led to an enormous reduction of waste worldwide. It is not only important to the nature environment, but to humans also and the future generations – we must act fast because the amount of waste we create in increasing year on year. The population continues to grow, which means the waste burden will also increase and if not recycled properly, it will be dumbed to the landfills.

Recycling reduces landfill
Recycling has a significate impact on the amount of property needed for landfill space. It also prevents the destruction of forest and other natural resources used to provide virgin materials, for paper, glass containers and aluminum cans, and massive amount of water from being used to mine, refine, and manufacture products.

When recyclable goes to landfill, more materials must be mined, harvested, or refined to replace the
discarded items.

Recycling saves energy

Recycling saves energy by reducing the need to make materials from scratch. Making products from scratch can be both labor intensive and expensive to collect, move and refine the natural resources needed for paper, aluminum, plastic, and so on. By using recycled materials instead of pulling new natural resources, manufacturers can make the same products with less energy and expense. Since recycled materials have already been refined and processed once; the second time around, manufacturing is much less energy-intensive than the first. When companies don’t have to process the raw materials from scratch, new products from recycled materials use up to 30% less energy.