First of all, let’s help you identify what e-Scrap is, and then we’ll show you the why it is important not to fall foul of the rules around getting rid of your e-Scrap.

Electronic waste, or e-Scrap, is mostly discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets, and refrigerators. As well as disposal, these unwanted items are for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling. Because electronics are frequently commingled (good, recyclable, and non-recyclable), several public policy advocates apply the term “e-Scrap” broadly to all surplus electronics.

Recycling works on the principle of optimizing the use of resources to save energy and environment. Popularly described as an organized system of processes stated as reduction, re-utilization and recycling, recycling as a whole involves the modification of already used resources and products to make them re-usable.

Recycling is of immense importance for us as well as the environment. Recycling, with its effective waste management guidelines ensure reduced pollution and optimizes the use of resources to decrease global warming, conserves ecosystem and the natural habitat and preserves energy. Recycling also ensures reduced financial expenditure in the production of goods and leads to effective waste management by ensuring reduced waste production and hence, less demand for space to be used as land fills. The topic of solid waste management has gained immense importance in the past few years and is of serious concern for solid waste management authorities.

Rapid increase in solid waste has been observed over the years and environmentalists see it as a crucial issue which can lead to the problem of less space availability of land to, be used for the discarding and dumping of solid waste. Electronic waste, also known as e-Scrap, majorly contributes to the volume of solid waste today. It is one of the most rapidly growing divisions of solid waste and includes discarded electronic appliances.

E-waste products includes materials such as plastics, aluminium, silver, copper, gold and ferrous metals. E-waste may also contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead, which can seep into soil and water to cause long-term environmental and health hazards.

This e-Scrap, instead of being dumped and discarded into landfills can be effectively recycled and re-used to conserve resources and energy. This process of recycling electronic appliances is known as e-Scrap management.
E-waste management can be of significant importance in ensuring the optimum use of resources and conserving the world and its environment.

E-waste management allows us to manufacture other useful products from already used electronic appliances. In other words, it involves the refurbishing of products which have already served their initial purpose, to be reused, leading to reduced extraction of raw materials and decreased exploitation of resources. It is an efficient way to ensure the conservation of resources and optimize their use.

Recycling e-Scrap effectively ensures the conservation of environment. E-waste management reduces the risk of toxic chemicals and substances, such as lead and mercury, to seep into soil and water. If these toxic substances are allowed to be absorbed into water and soil, they can cause considerable damage resulting in environmental and health hazards.

E-waste management is not only limited to environmental conservation and resource preservation, but also has social benefits. Discouraging the unwarranted discarding of electronic appliances, it promotes the donation of used electronic appliances to other needy individuals in the community. If the electronic appliances are in a very bad shape, they can always be handed over to concerned authorities, who can break them down into elementary materials to be used adequately.

E-waste management ensures the availability of increased space to be used as landfills. Solid waste management is accompanied with the core issue of the availability of sufficient space where the waste can be kept. E-waste management, if not eliminates then reduces the severity of the problem of less availability of space, ensuring that less amounts of electronic appliances are discarded as waste.

E-waste management is a growing field today and its importance has been realized by individuals as well as the corporate bodies. E-waste management creates job opportunities for recyclers, who can aptly guide and aid individuals and corporations towards adequate allocation of electronic products as e-Scrap.

Over time, the value of e-Scrap management has been identified by the corporate sector, and the corporate bodies have realized the gains they can achieve by working in partnership with reliable and qualified recycling companies in their region. Their realization of the corporate social responsibility they have towards the community and the conservation of the environment further motivates them to hire the services of a responsible and dependable e-Scrap recycling company.

Companies like EnviroServe in the UAE can be approached to hire services pertaining to office equipment recycling to ensure a viable solution to e-Scrap management at your corporation, as well as fulfilling your corporate social responsibility.

Effective e-Scrap management in the corporate sector is not only advantageous to the mentioned segment of the society, but can benefit the community as a whole. Imagine the huge amount of raw materials that can be extracted through office equipment recycling, to be used further for experimentation by scientists and economists.

Corporations, by hiring the services of a reliable e-Scrap recycling company, save themselves the extra burden of adequately discarding the office equipment themselves. Those corporations that take proper office equipment recycling as a part of their corporate social responsibility would prefer to work in coherence with the standards of effective e-Scrap management. Outsourcing the task of office equipment recycling to a reliable recycler can help them avoid the expending of resources and energy on this extra task.

Moreover, even those corporation that are not as committed to fulfilling their corporate social responsibility can ensure that the unwanted electronic waste is taken care of by a responsible company, ensuring that their basement is no longer filled with unwanted waste. They can then use the available space for other constructive purposes.

E-waste management also aids in decreasing the chances of corporate espionage and data breaches. A reliable e-Scrap recycling company ensures adequate and proper office equipment recycling, not only making it certain that the hardware is appropriately recycled but also that the data on the hard drive is handled efficiently to avoid any chances of corporate espionage and data breaches.

E-waste management is a rapidly growing industry today, and provides individuals and organisations with an opportunity to play their part in environment conservation to ensure the optimum use of resources. Many businesses and companies hire the services of reputable, reliable and qualified e-Scrap recyclers to ensure proper recycling of their office equipment and to be able to dutifully fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

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