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Dubai, 14 th  Oct 2021- Dubai’s first and only E-Waste Processing Facility Enviroserve celebrated
International E-waste Day on October 14 by carrying out various activities to raise awareness on this
occasion and by joining hands with Dubai Diamonds Lions Club’s drive. The Club as part of their
global cause Environmental awareness, has initiated the E-Waste Recycling Awareness Campaign.
The Club will advocate the importance of e-waste recycling through the collection of e-waste from
the public. The Campaign will run for 6 months with various activities planned in partnership with

Talking on the occasion Lyes Yahiaoui, CEO- Enviroserve, said, “We are living in a consumer driven
market, where we all want the new and the latest, therefore there is a fast-growing number of
unwanted devices, these products then end up accumulated in the environment, polluting habitats
and harming people and wildlife. Enviroserve has been at the forefront in creating awareness and
educating the community on the importance of e-waste recycling. This year we have conducted
various activities which include launching a video on e-waste on our social media channels,
facilitation of unknown recyclers of Enviroserve, and supporting the Dubai Diamond Lions club in
their e-waste awareness drive. With these activities, we are hoping to make a difference and
promote healthy and sustainable living among the people of the UAE.”

Lion Augusto Di Pietro, International Representative & Coordinating Lion Officer Middle East
added, "We live in a society of consumers and throwaway, where electronic gadgets are quickly
discarded as newer and more attractive products come to the market. We as Lions, in partnership
with Enviroserve, will advocate and bring awareness within our community that E-waste is the
fastest growing waste in the world. If such waste is sent to landfills and not properly disposed of then
we are potentially creating an environmental disaster. It is important that our community becomes
aware of the existence of facilities like Enviroserve so that they can responsibly take their E-waste
where it will be adequately recycled and disposed.”

According to the UN, in 2021 each person on the planet will produce on average 7.6 kg of e-waste,
meaning that a massive 57.4 million tons will be generated worldwide. Only 17.4 percent of this
electronic waste containing a mixture of harmful substances and precious materials will be recorded
as being properly collected, treated, and recycled. Many initiatives are taken to tackle this growing
concern, but none of them can be fully effective without the active role and correct education of
consumers. This year’s International E-Waste Day focused on the crucial part each of us has in
making circularity a reality for e-products.

About Enviroserve:
Founded in Dubai in 2004 by Stuart Fleming and Brian Wilkie, Enviroserve is a pioneer in the
electronic waste and refrigerant gas recycling industries in the Middle East and Africa. In 2018,
Enviroserve opened The Recycling Hub – the region’s largest integrated electronic waste recycling
facility featuring brand protection and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. Enviroserve is
headquartered in Dubai with 8 branch offices in Angola, Georgia, Kenya, Lebanon, Rwanda, Saudi
Arabia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. https://enviroserve.org/

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