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The digital revolution has changed the lifestyle of an average human being momentously. We have
welcomed gadgets and gizmos in all their grandeur. These devices are designed to make our lives
comfortable and simpler, but contradictorily, are creating dire circumstances for our present and future.
The mass manufacture of electronic items and their rapid disposal to stay ‘in vogue’ has led to the need
of an ethical removal of e-waste. The consequence of this spending and consuming habit? An endlessly
growing heap of “digital rubbish” that is hard to manage and dispose of. This e-waste includes working,
non-working and broken electronic items which usually find their way in the regular garbage bin. Not
only this, if an electronic item goes unsold in the store, it is often thrown away in the trash can.
Technological advances are coming at such a breakneck speed that even the ones which are working are
considered redundant and obsolete. This rapid technological advancement, lifestyle changes and end of
intended usage has become one of the biggest challenges encountered on a global level.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that health risks may result from direct contact with toxic
materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, and PCBs that leach from e-waste dumped in our land and
water bodies. The risk is exceptionally high due to the inhalation of the toxic fumes, as well as from the
accumulation of chemicals in soil, water, and food. This puts not just humans but land and sea animals in
danger as well. To protect mankind and the future generations, a befitting recycling process is the need
of the hour. The consumers will keep on ‘upgrading’ their devices, hence, it is important to highlight the
need of recycling the older, outdated models rather than just tossing them away in the bin.

Enviroserve, world’s largest e-waste recycler, is your answer to safe disposal of e-waste such as mobile
phones, home appliances, electronic items, laptops, etc. Certified e-waste recyclers not only dispose this
harmful e-waste responsibly but also refurbish them to make new products. The Green Journal reports
that around 75% of the waste is recyclable, however the uptake is very low. Enviroserve, also known as
the Green Company, has grown to be the largest, fully integrated electronics recycler and IT Asset
Disposition provider in the Middle-East, Africa and the Caucasus region as well as the largest electronics
recycler and processor in the world. With the help of Enviroserve, UAE is reducing the carbon footprint
by smartly collecting, sorting, and re-sorting into valuable raw materials. From clothes and plastics to
hazardous electronic items and refrigerants, Enviroserve ethically disposes your waste to ensure a
greener future.

The 2,28,000 sq. ft. electronic waste recycling facility features Swiss technology that surpasses the
stringent EU standards for e-waste recycling and is the only treatment plant in the region that is
endorsed by Ministry of Environment and certified by UAE Municipalities to confidentially repurpose
electronic waste.

Owing to its diligent efforts to recycle waste, Enviroserve has been awarded with the Dubai Industrial
City Environmental and Sustainability Award for the year 2019, besides several other accolades since
2007. Enviroserve is also assisting residential communities and corporate offices in UAE to properly
dispose of their materials by offering weekly collection of waste from your doorstep through The Green

All you need to do is, join Enviroserve and help in treating recyclables and electronic waste securely.
We’ll do the rest! Why tomorrow? Get in touch with Enviroserve today!

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