Electronic Waste Recycling

The world’s most advanced eWaste recycling plant is located in Dubai Industrial City and serves the entire Middle East, Africa, and Caucasus Region.

* Electronic waste is anything with a battery or a plug. 

* Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is considered hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly.

* Enviroserve supports residential and commercial clients.

Enviroserve will help you recycle all types of electronic waste.

– IT Equipment

– Machinery

– Home Appliance

– Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

– much more

Basically, anything with a battery or a plug can be recycled with us.

With the raw materials going back into the production cycle, it’s a truly sustainable choice.

(Oh, and if you’re worried about Data Protection, check out our IT Asset Disposition services)

Nobody recycles like we do.

Which Items are Accepted

Enviroserve accepts all categories of eWaste.

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Sell Your eWaste

If you have a large quantity of eWaste, contact our customer service team to discuss free collection or even payment for your items!

Data Protection

At Enviroserve, we take data protection very seriously.

Everyday items such as laptops, mobile phones, and even printers can store information. That is why we follow strict collection, storage, and processing guidelines in line with international standards of data protection.

We adhere to NIST 800-88 and US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards for data wiping. Items that are scheduled for destruction will be processed in our recycling plant  with the remaining raw materials recycled (e.g. aluminium, iron, copper, etc.)

IT Refurbishment

Re-use is the highest form of sustainability. If you have a large quantity of used computers or mobile devices, please speak to one of our customer service agents to see how you can donate or even sell them.

WEEE Categories