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Dubai, 12 th July 2021 – Enviroserve started Green Truck in 2014; in an effort to offer residential
communities and corporate offices in the UAE an environmentally conscience way to recycle
their electronic waste. As of now close to 1,500 green bins have been placed throughout Dubai
and Abu Dhabi; these bins are collected weekly by the Green Truck then all the dry recyclables
(only in Dubai) and electronic waste are segregated and sorted before the collected recyclable
items are transported to The Recycling Hub by Enviroserve for reuse.
Lyes Yahiaoui – Enviroserve-UAE CEO, says “Green Truck has been one of the most integral part
of Enviroserve and the most successful project. This is the only initiative in UAE for the household
users which truly segregate from ground waste and recycle up to 98% of the waste, which gets
collected. With the help of Green Truck, we are also reaching out to small medium enterprises
and helping them recycle their waste. We have seen an extremely overwhelming response and
would like to double our capacity in 2021. Enviroserve is always committed towards bringing
new initiatives for the people of UAE, with latest technologies and contributing to saving the
According to a recent report by World health organization (WHO) E-waste volumes are surging
globally. According to the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership (GESP), they grew by 21% in the
five years up to 2019, when 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste were generated. To protect the
environment and reduce the harmful impact of e-waste, companies like Enviroserve have
developed “Green Truck” it is the only company in the UAE that is endorsed by the Ministry of
Environment and certified by UAE Municipalities to confidentially destroy, dismantle, and
repurpose electronic waste.
Anyone in the UAE can subscribe to Green Truck; for a private recycling service providing weekly
collection of the bin from their doorstep at www.GreenTruck.ae
About Green Truck:
Green Truck is a private recycling transportation service providing weekly collection from your
door step. It is a business division of Enviroserve Services LLC that specialises in recycling
electronics and specialised waste. Green Truck collects all varieties of solid recyclable items from
residential communities & corporate offices in the UAE.
About Enviroserve:
Founded in Dubai in 2004 by Stuart Fleming and Brian Wilkie, Enviroserve is a pioneer in the
electronic waste and refrigerant gas recycling industries in the Middle East and Africa. In 2018,
Enviroserve opened The Recycling Hub – the region’s largest integrated electronic waste
recycling facility featuring brand protection and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. EnviroserveFor more press information, please contact:
Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen@w2wevents.com
Sneha Kumari- Marketing Manager, Enviroserve UAE
Phone – +971-52 430 8057 I Email- sneha@enviroserve.ae
is headquartered in Dubai with 8 branch offices in Angola, Georgia, Kenya, Lebanon, Rwanda,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

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