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We all know that paper, glass, plastic, and some other materials can be reprocessed and reused, but do you know that refrigerant gas can also be recycled? Surprisingly, yes! Gas can be reclaimed and recycled, and Enviroserve is the only recycling facility in the UAE that provides innovative gas recovery and reclaim solutions.

It is a commonly-known fact that refrigeration equipment runs on gases such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or Hydro-Chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) – both of which are responsible in the depletion of the stratospheric Ozone layer of the earth and are a major cause of global climatic change. Reports inform that these fluorocarbons have an impact that is several hundred to thousand times greater than that of carbon-dioxide. The gradual thinning of the Ozone layer has been a subject of long and rancorous debate since the late 1970s and had led to the signing of the Montreal Protocol in the year 1987.

Many households, corporate setups continue using the same HVAC equipment that run on refrigerant gas for a longer period of time than usual. Most of these include Icemakers, Chillers, Window AC, Unit AC, Dehumidifiers, Drinking Water Coolers, Vending Machines, Medical Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Storage, Gas Furnaces, Aerosol Spray Cans, Chiller Automobiles, Freezers, and PTACs. Over the course of time, gas that is filled in these appliances and equipment, is contaminated with oil and moisture that eventually decreases its operational efficiency. This further gives rise to lower cooling and higher electricity consumption.
society from hazardous materials.”

People often confuse reclaimed refrigerants with recycled refrigerants. They might sound similar, but their processes are entirely different. Recycling essentially means that the recovered refrigerant has undergone a basic cleaning process and there is no quality assurance in terms of specification or purity. This recycled refrigerant might be potentially harmful if all the contaminants are not fully removed through the recycling process and when used again, they might impact the system’s efficiency. A reclaimed refrigerant is usually re-processed through a more intense process that analyzes the contaminants, filters, and removes them thoroughly, returning the refrigerant to its virgin form.

Enviroserve, being the only refrigerant gas reclaiming facility in the UAE, has a well-equipped in-house testing laboratory- The Recycling Hub -to analyze gases for moisture content, acidity, and particulates. After an in-depth initial analysis, the gas is re-processed through various stages of distillation, cleaning and drying according to AHRI Standard 700-2016 for Refrigerants. This method restores the refrigerants to the industry standards for quality and performance, making it fit for reuse with the same specifications as the virgin product. Enviroserve sells certified R-22, R134a, R-404c, R-410a and other refrigerants that are processed to be environment-friendly and is a cost-effective solution for all household and commercial applications. Using reclaimed refrigerants will eventually decrease the carbon footprint as they will help in reducing the production and supply of pure refrigerants.

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