Enviroserve Network

Serving the Middle East, Africa, and the Caucasus Region.

Enviroserve Services LLC is global headquarters is located at The Recycling Hub in Dubai Industrial City.

Strategically positioned between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, The Recycling Hub services the entire Middle East, Africa, and Caucasus region through an established logistical infrastructure, air travel network to all continents.

The Recycling Hub (TRH) serves as the largest and most advanced WEEE processing facility and as a Hub for the Middle East, Africa, The Caucasus.

Enviroserve serves contractual and ad hoc requirements, globally, according to a tiered service level system:

  1. Tier I – Serviced directly by Enviroserve
  2. Tier II – Serviced by Enviroserve in collaboration with Trusted Partners
  3. Tier III – Difficult or Remote locations. Serviced by audited and approved subcontractors.