Re-use is the highest form of sustainability.

Enviroserve offers the following services through our professionally managed IT Asset Disposition centre:

  • Data Deletion
  • Asset Value Recovery
  • Audit & Test
  • Parts Harvesting
  • Destruction

In line with the highest international standards such as R2, eStewards.

We accept:

Laptops         Desktops          Printers

Monitors       Televisions       Keyboards

Tablets          Projectors         Mice

Looking to dispose of old IT equipment? Why not give it a 2nd life? It’s a truly sustainable decision that keeps harmful e-Waste out of the landfill and improves the lives of others.

Enviroserve’s world-class IT Refurbishment centre handles the items from start to finish including data deletion, repairs, and even recycling.

From laptops to data centres, nobody recycles like we do!

Data Protection Policy

At Enviroserve, we take data protection very seriously.

Everyday items such as laptops, mobile phones, and even printers can store information. That is why we follow strict collection, storage, and processing guidelines in line with international standards of data protection. Each data carrying device (DSD) poses a potential data security risk if sensitive personal or corporate information is present.

Enviroserve is committed to protecting and safeguarding all DCD within our possession, throughout the Chain of Custody. We provide a range of data sanitization solutions within our secure facilities, whether DCD are destined for resale/reuse or recycling.

Enviroserve only offers DCD (loose or embedded) for re-sale that have been successfully data erased. Data Storage Devices (DSDs) that are not authorised for re-sale, that are defective, that fail erasure or are otherwise unsuitable for re-sale are physically destructed on-site and sent for materials recovery (recycling).

Enviroserve uses third party certified data erasure solutions on to securely and permanently wipe all data from magnetic disk and solid-state drives.

Suspected violations of the Data Security and Sanitization Policy are immediately reported to ITAD Directory for ethics and company policy non-compliance. The ITAD Director is responsible to inform any customers who may have been affected by the suspected violation in keeping with appropriate contracts.

For Enviroserve employees, compliance with this policy is a requirement of employment. For Enviroserve contractors, subcontractors, Partners and third parties, compliance with this policy is a pre-condition. Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Third parties who violate this policy are subject to contract termination.

Certificates of Erasure and Destruction are issued to customers to provide a permanent record/confirmation of data sanitization performed

Enviroserve performs all data sanitization activities in accordance with NIST SP 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M standards within secure facilities that are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

Chain of Custody

When handling assets or anything that contains data, it is absolutely critical that a clear chain of custody be established and followed to ensure the safety and security of the material.

Chain of custody refers to the process of maintaining and documenting the handling of customer material. It involves keeping a detailed log showing who collected, handled, transferred, processed, or disposed the material from start to finish.

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