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The backbone of every product manufacturing business lies in its brand protection. Due to technological advancements and the birth of specialized mass-production machinery, the rate of consumption has increased manifold. Businesses and industries are resorting to this mass-manufacturing practice as they are desperate to keep up with the market’s supply-demand. Consequently, this rush has led to a buildup of large quantities of these products before they can be sold.

Most of the times, mass-production results in faulty and defected products which are a loss for the business and are dumped straightaway, without a second thought. Consumer goods that have been deemed defective or unsafe need to be removed from market circulation completely so they cannot harm the public or your brand. Safety hazards posed by these faulty products cannot be overlooked. Simply throwing away poses a threat to the brand’s reputation as the discarded goods such as empty shampoo bottles, product samples, sports goods, medical machinery, consumer goods, marketing material, toys, clothes, etc. might end up in the grey market for unauthorized sales. It is extremely essential for a prestigious brand to destroy obsolete merchandise, excess stock, and outdated products securely so that it reduces the serious risk of identity theft and fraud. If any of these branded products end up in the general waste bin, they might be sent to a dumping ground or resold in the black market putting your company or brand at a serious risk of fraud, identity theft and data breaches. Products such as uniforms, ID cards, obsolete work wear, etc. must be destroyed for security reasons as they might be misused to represent a fraud business or impersonate a notable person related to the brand.

Excess stock requires a large amount of storage space, money, and energy for maintenance. A guaranteed, certified product destruction service such as Enviroserve assures that the defected, expired, counterfeited and unusable products will not make their way back to the market. A professional and secure product destruction and shredding service is the only solution to destroy unwanted products and material to protect your brand integrity. The best part about recycling branded products with Enviroserve is that we make sure that the raw materials extracted after collection are recycled and disposed of properly

By recycling with Enviroserve, you are not only eliminating the risk of brand tampering and fraudulent activities but are also reducing landfill costs and improving your impact on the earth. You are securing your brand, reducing financial and reputational losses for your business, and protecting the environment – all at the same time.

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