A Sustainable Choice

Reclaimed refrigerant is cheaper and good for the environment!

Over time, refrigerant becomes contaminated with moisture and oil which leads to lower cooling efficiency and higher electricity consumption. Enviroserve reclaims contaminated gas and restores it to AHRI standards:

Enviroserve has an in-house Testing Laboratory to analyse and certify gasses according to AHRI Standard 700-2016 for Refrigerants:

  • Purity
  • Moisture Content
  • Oil Content
  • Acidity
  • Non-Condensed Gas
  • Chloride

We sell certified  R-22 | R-134a | R-404c |  R-410a | & more

Did you know that you can recycle refrigerant gas?

Over time the gas becomes contaminated with oil and moisture which reduces its efficiency.

Enviroserve’s technicians will collect the spoiled gas, process it at The Recycling Hub, and restore it to the industry standard for quality and performance.

Enviroserve’s Eco-Refrigerant service is great for the environment and saves you money.

Nobody recycles like we do.

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